Dear IRC Users

Please read the following statements to ensure that you conform with the copyright laws of Singapore and terms and conditions of applicable license agreements when using the materials obtained through DSO IRC:

Fair Dealing 

•The copying, or adaption of a work is for the specific purposes of research or study, and is limited to 10% of the number of pages or one chapter, whichever is the greater, for a published work of at least 10 pages.
•A sufficient acknowledgment of the work is required if the copying, or adaption of a work is for the purposes of criticism or review or reporting of current events in a newspaper, magazine or similar periodical.

Databases and Other Licensed Resources

Databases and other licensed resources provided by DSO IRC have their own Terms of Use, as well as contractual access restrictions.  These resources are generally intended for the non-profit, internal and research purposes of DSO’s authorised users.
•Systematic downloading, distribution, or retention of substantial portions of a database, and the sharing of passwords or documents with unauthorised users are prohibited.
•Terms of Use are often, though not always, accessible through the database's website. Please consult with IRC staff if you have questions about Terms of Use for any licensed resource.

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