About IRC


IRC’s Mission is to provide useful and timely information relevant to the purpose and work of DSO and to promote a most efficient and economical use by all DSO staff.

You can borrow books, magazines, journals, standards and reports for reading and references. IRC has a wide collection of literature for your reference needs. You can search or browse for a specific item via IRC Catalogue.

Besides being a vault for research literature, IRC also provides value added services to our members. If the literature you require for your work is not available at IRC, you may make use of our acquisition service. Materials may be borrowed from libraries in Singapore through interlibrary loan.

Technet and OA stations are available at IRC. Wireless internet connection is also available. You can bring your office issued notebook or tablet to access the internet at IRC. Printing, photocopying, scanning and binding facilities are also available.

A conducted tour of IRC facilities is available to all members. Please contact IRC staff at 6308 1823 or send an email to [email protected] to arrange.


The IRC Team


The IRC Manager:

Cinque Terre
Mr Lim Soo How

The IRC Executives:

Cinque Terre
Ms A. Sumathi
Cinque Terre
Ms Chay Lai Choo Dorothy
Cinque Terre
Ms Lam Mei Lin
Cinque Terre
Ms Shirley Thilothemma
Cinque Terre
Ms Tan Lay Hoon Jacqueline

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