Membership Reimbursement 



1. NUS Libraries Personal External Membership


DSO staff members can apply for a Personal External Membership to use NUS libraries.


From Aug 2017, the application can only be done online. Please use the CHROME browser, and have the relevant supporting documents (in PDFs) and one passport-size photograph (in jpg).


Click here to submit your online application form.


Please note:

If you unable to do online application, please contact NUS Membership Services Department at 6516-2016 or email them for assistance. Manual application will take a longer time.


A. NUS Alumni

The application must be accompanied by a scan copy of the Alumnus Card (front & back).  


B. Non-NUS Alumni (Senior government officer)

You are to present NUS Library with a letter (not more than one-month old) from HR as proof of your employment with DSO. The letter must indicate your name and appointment. Please send an email to HR Helpdesk a few days before collection to allow them time to prepare the letter.







DSO IRC will reimburse staff members 50% of the Basic Membership annual subscription fee, excluding the one-time registration fee of S$32.10.


Please note:

A. After you made full payment of the subscription fee to NUS, please bring the original receipt from NUS to DSO IRC. We will indicate on the original receipt that a reimbursement of 50% will be made by DSO IRC. We will then make a copy of the receipt to arrange for Finance to credit the reimbursed amount into your bank account.


B. NUS Alumni

    The Basic Membership annual subscription fee is S$107.00. DSO IRC will reimburse S$53.50.


C. Non-NUS Alumni (Senior government officer)

    The Basic Membership annual subscription fee is S$160.50. DSO IRC will reimburse S$80.25.


D. You can use flex points from your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to claim the other 50% of the subscription fee paid.


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